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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial buildings obtain a lot of foot traffic which will have dust, dirt, bacteria, and germs that can be trapped inside the fibers. Our services can be beneficial to help remove any contaminants to provide a healthy workplace, including improving the overall appearance as well. Make an impression with clients or guests by simply keeping your carpets smelling and looking nice. Improve your air quality to help with respiratory health where unclean air can be a threat to infections and breathing issues. When it comes to your commercial business and buildings, it’s important to have routine cleaning.


Carpet upkeep can be valuable to many commercial buildings and businesses that can help the overall appearance and can keep everyone inside healthy. Using specialized methods, all bacteria and dirt can be removed. Daily vacuuming can’t possibly remove all bacteria and sometimes just pushes around the dirt. Improve your commercial properties air quality and the overall appearance drastically by servicing your carpets frequently.


Foam encapsulation is a synthetic detergent that is crystallized into a powder form when dried. This type of method is placed in a foam liquid that loosens dirt deep within the fibers. Once dried everything can be vacuumed to remove all dirt and particles. It also is an environmentally friendly product because of its ability to leave less chemical residue compared to other shampooing methods, including having shorter drying times. This method has been known to obtain great results for any heavy soiling carpets while being eco-friendly.

Hot Water Cleaning

This method can help clean all dirt from your commercial carpets. This method uses hot pressed water to agitate the carpet which brings up the dirt, dust, and bacteria to the surface. Your carpets are then brushed to help remove all stains and access dirt and then extracted by using a specialized equipment. This can be a wonderful way to deep clean but will take a while to properly dry before being able to walk on it. Clean your commercial rugs with a hot water method accomplished by your local experts.

Vacuuming VS. Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpets can help remove dirt but doesn’t necessarily remove all the  particles or bacteria that are deep within your carpet. Our services can help remove dirt, germs, bacteria, dust, and other particles from immense foot traffic. It can also help provide you with a fresh smell unlike vacuuming your carpets. Vacuuming has also been known to push dirt around instead of removing all particles that can be stuck within the fibers. Your commercial building should be vacuumed daily but should also have routine cleaning with one of the methods chosen. Keep your business a healthy environment while giving it a better appearance by having your space serviced professionally.

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